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Supreme Duelist

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Win super funny battles with stick men

Stickman games are super funny, using the laws of physics to fight stick man fights. When you download Supreme Duelist apk, you'll find another app of this style, with several different ways to enjoy the gameplay.

To find out if this app is worth having on your favorites list, we went in search of its main features. So, keep following this article until the end to understand how it works.

What is Supreme Duelist apk?

On a 2D platform, Supreme Duelist is a stickman fighting action game for Android. Features singleplayer and offline local multiplayer game modes, with up to 3 players on the same device.

Thus, the main objective is to eliminate all enemies to win the matches. But there is still the survival mode, where you need to stay alive as long as possible, while several other characters attack you.

How to play Supreme Duelist?

Once you download Supreme Duelist, you can use the controls at the bottom of the screen to move your doll. However, he doesn't have any control of the body, being necessary to use the strategy to be able to fight against the opponents.

For example, if you're using ranged weapons, you can shoot walls to get around. In the case of propulsion weapons, you can shoot the ground to jump, or against the wall to move.

The most important thing here is to be able to hit and evade the blows of your opponents. At this time, creativity and agility are your greatest weapons. Take the opportunity to see how long you survive in this funny battle.


See what are the advantages of downloading Supreme Duelist on Android and how the game offers good features for players:

  • well-developed graphics;
  • variety of challenges;
  • proper functioning;
  • streamlined and simple controls;
  • low storage space;
  • gameplay with medium complexity;
  • Offline local multiplayer game mode.


Also find out which are the downsides of downloading Supreme Duelist and if the app has operating limitations:

  • displays ads in large numbers;
  • few settings and customization options;
  • high battery consumption.

我們的觀點 Supreme Duelist

We know that one of the main features of these stick figure games for Android is the lack of controls. So if you've never seen an app like this before, don't worry. By downloading Supreme Duelist, the intention is to create order in the chaos that are the characters.

Therefore, the application is well made and developed, with a wide variety of options and challenges that excite players. With this, it becomes a dynamic option with different levels of difficulty.

However, it is important to point out that the ads end up bothering you a lot while using the app. It is possible to play with the internet turned off to reduce this problem, but it still makes the experience less complete.

The good thing is that the rest of the game ends up being more attractive than the advertising problem. So, it's worth downloading Supreme Duelist on Android and enjoying the matches to defeat various enemies, in this stick figure fighting game.