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Thais Martiniano
Cante como um superstar por um dia com este aplicativo de karaokê
t; StarMaker is an app designed to insure a super fun time with your friends. Now you can organize an impromtu singing party anytime and show off your vocal skills like a true star, singing your heart out a single handy tool. Designed to encourage interaction among users, StarMaker gives you an extra chance to meet new friends to connect with over your favorite music. Plus you can sing and enjoy a karaoke-like experience with your buddies that you can record, edit and share to find new people to sing with that are music lovers, just like you. Using StarMaker, all you have to do is pick out the song you want to sing, take a deep breath and belt out your best high notes along with the rhythm of any of the popular karaoke tracks available. You can watch yourself live and sing along to lyrics as they pop up on your screen so you'll never get lost, but in case you do, you can always just follow along to keep on singing. Plus tap on any of the voice settings options to let StarMaker improve on your tone and make the most of your singing skills. Have a blast with this awesome karaoke app to sing like a superstar.