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Sound Assistant

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 1.728
  • Size 13.6MB
  • Update 23.03.2021
Logo Sound Assistant Icon

Sound Assistant

Version Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 1.728 Atualizado em : 23.03.2021 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Um assistente de som para o seu smartphone Samsung
Sound Assistant is the official Samsung app for Galaxy smartphones from this Korean company. This app lets you manage various aspects of your smartphone's sound. Thanks to this app, you can control the sound on your smartphone by pressing the physical volume buttons. Not only can you manage the sound of whatever's playing, but you can also manage the volume of each app. For example, you can turn the volume of your music up or down while you're playing games or using other apps. With Sound Assistant, you can also create different customized sound settings. These sound profiles are useful for switching your sound settings at certain times of day; it's even possible to customize the times at which you use each of these settings. Besides changing the sound, you can also select the vibration strength depending on the time of day, too. Sound Assistant (or SoundAssistant) is an official app that's perfect for adjusting your Samsung smartphone's sound according to your preferences. It also has its own floating button so you can access the app's settings quickly.


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