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        Logo Save Story Instagram Icon

        Save Story Instagram

        Nikifora,inc 1.0
        • License Free
        • 0
        • Downloads 43
        • Size 4.86MB
        • Update 13.12.2020
        Logo Save Story Instagram Icon

        Save Story Instagram

        Version 1.0 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 43 Atualizado em : 13.12.2020 Nikifora,inc


        Store your favorite stories on your smartphone

        The Story Saver for Instagram app is ideal for anyone who wants to download photos and videos of friends posted on Instagram Stories.

        The popular 24-hour posts do not have a native download function, and this is where the application comes into play, allowing you to save on your Android all instant media published by anyone. The free feature displays a list of contacts who recently posted Stories and needs your Instagram login and password information to collect this complete data. Even your own Stories are displayed and you can share directly with other friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or even on the social network of photos.

        The Story Saver for Instagram app offers practical functionality for those who like to save their friends' Stories on their cell phones. Initial access requires connection with your Instagram email and password. After that, the app offers a list of all the Stories available at this time. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to retrieve old Stories from your contacts or published by you, viewing only those that are still on the air, and can be saved within the same 24 hour period of the social network. However, after saving this file, it is stored on your phone without a time limit.
        The interesting thing is that the user can favor the most relevant friends, with a greater interest in downloading the content, separating these people in a private list. Another observation that can make users excited is the possibility to download and view all these Stories without being marked as "viewed" on the social network. The other person also does not receive any alerts about this action, according to the tests. The videos are downloaded with audio and, together with the images, the media have a good download resolution.

        Items downloaded on Android are listed in a personal history and can also be accessed through the mobile gallery. In addition, the feature allows you to repost and share the media directly with your friends, in other messaging applications or social networks installed on the device. The interface is only available in English but the usability is very simple, with the main screen already showing the complete list of Instagram stories. The menu on the left side is hidden, but it becomes visible with just a touch displaying the main categories of the app.

        The search engine was not very efficient in searching for specific users, not finding the person by partial name. The order of Stories follows the same as Instagram, with the most recent posts appearing at the top of the list. This is interesting for those who like to stay on top of news from friends, without having to keep looking for a specific contact. The app list is updated automatically over a period of time or with a quick flick of the screen, sliding from top to bottom, with posts in real time. It is allowed to add more than one Instagram account to monitor on the same interface, in a practical way and without having to disconnect.

        For your privacy and that of your friends' posts, the user can log out of their accounts whenever they prefer in the app. One point that hinders navigation is the presence of full-screen ads that appear in key functions such as downloading a photo, for example, with the need to close the pop-up. However, no fixed banner advertisements were observed in the interface, which is good news, since the app is completely free to use. The tests were done on a Motorola Moto Z smartphone with Android 7.0 Nougat. The application worked without crashes, displaying images without distortion and videos with audio in correct time.


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