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        Samsung SoundAlive

        Samsung Corporation 9.5.21
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 14
        • Size 4.39MB
        • Update 27.03.2021
        Logo Samsung Soundalive Icon

        Samsung SoundAlive

        Version 9.5.21 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 14 Atualizado em : 27.03.2021 Samsung Corporation


        Use alto-falantes externos com seu smartphone Android
        Samsung SoundAlive is a useful app for connecting external speakers to your Samsung smartphone, which is especially useful if you want to boost your smartphone's volume. The way Samsung SoundAlive works is pretty simple, so you can set up your speakers in just a few minutes. With this app, you can also manage various aspects and make adjustments according to your preferences. Among other features, Samsung SoundAlive includes a nine-band equalizer which is ideal for finding the perfect sound. It also includes six predefined modes for modifying the sound based on what you like. Samsung SoundAlive is a pretty practical tool for improving your smartphone's sound in a simple and effective way. Without a doubt, this is an excellent app designed to set up the best sound in just a few minutes.


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