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Samsung Game Tools

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Thais Martiniano
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Samsung Game Tools is an app that offers quite a few extra features you can use while playing games on your Samsung device. That being said, you'll have to start a game from the Game Launcher (another exclusive Samsung app) in order to use it. First of all, Samsung Game Tools can block notifications and alerts while you're playing games. Enable this feature and you won't get any notifications from social networks, other games, or anything else that might distract you while you're gaming. This app's second feature is just as useful: it deactivates your Android device's physical buttons, so you'll never again ruin a game by pressing the 'back' or 'menu' button by accident. Even if you do hit a button, you won't leave the game. But it's the third feature that might just be the most interesting that Samsung Game Tools has to offer. Basically, it offers a quick and easy way to take screenshots and screen recordings. Take screenshots or start recording the screen with just a tap, and they will automatically save to your Android device's memory. Overall, Samsung Game Tools is an excellent app that, when used with Game Launcher, makes it possible to enjoy your Android games to the fullest. That being said, it's important to note that these apps are not compatible with all Android devices.


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