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Runaway Toad

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Thais Martiniano
Help the frog escape from the kissing princess by downloading Runaway Toad apk for Android. Check here all about this adventure and how the app works

What is Runaway Toad game?

Runaway Toad is a causal adventure game for Android where you control a toad on the run. So, you need to use all his skills to escape the princess who is desperate to find Prince Charming.


The objective is to jump between obstacles to get as far as possible and complete the missions on the screen. Also, at times the princess herself tries to capture you to take you back to the castle.


How to play Runaway Toad on Android?


To play Runaway Toad on Android you need to tap the screen and control the intensity and direction of the jumps. You have to stay on top of objects all the time to prevent the princess from capturing you.


Also, use your tongue to collect bugs and new skills by tapping and dragging your finger across the screen. Each time you eat one of them, you receive a resource to use during your escape. Check out how each of them can help you on your adventure:


  • dragonfly: gives the ability to float during frog jumps;
  • firefly: shows where the frog's movements will go;
  • butterfly: they are delicious (and serve to complete the quests);
  • beetle: grants a hippo help if you fall into the water.


When you fall into the water, the princess comes after the frog (it can be in the airship, through the owl or in person). So avoid diving so she doesn't find you and do the missions to get even more points at the end of the game.


See how to download Runaway Toad apk for Android

To download Runaway Toad apk on Android, we leave the installer link here on the page. So, just go to the top of the content and click download to start enjoying this adventure.


  • graphics quality;
  • simple controls;
  • good proposal;
  • casual matches;
  • free app.


  • adverts;
  • bad button optimization.

我們的觀點 Runaway Toad

Then check out our Runaway Toad app review

The game's graphics are very nice and well done, and the controls are simple, mostly on the free screen, which gives good visibility to the scenario. Still, there are no serious malfunctions, except for the character's movement system.


Sometimes the buttons don't work the way they should. The system for switching skills between jumping and sticking out the tongue is confusing, often disrupting gameplay during stressful moments in the app.


In addition, another negative point is the presence of ads while using the app. Despite being in smaller quantities than most free apps, they can still be a little annoying for the most demanding players.


Finally, after evaluating how the game works, we can say that it is worth downloading Runaway Toad apk on Android. It is a well-structured and fun game, which works well as a hobby in leisure time.