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Rebaixados Elite Brasil
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Pilote rebaixados que fazem o chão tremer

Discover the car simulator with Brazilian scenery

By downloading Rebaixados Elite Brasil you have a Brazilian-themed car simulator. You can play with national and classic cars, such as chevette and santana, driving through the streets. Want to know if it's worth downloading? Here we tell you everything.

What is Rebaixados Elite Brasil?

The game Rebaixados Elite Brasil is an open world car simulator (even if very small), in the style of GTA San Andreas. Thus, the 3D platform presents a free game mode, for one player only and without internet to work.

A production by Sebby Games, which is still in development, features several car models in a Brazilian setting. In the city, you can find the post office, supermarket, drugstore, city hall and even hospitals on the map.

    What is the purpose of the game Rebaixados Elite Brasil?

The game does not yet have a plot and specific objectives, in addition to the simulation. Developers are currently in beta production for game update, with traffic system and NPCs for interaction.

Currently, you can fill up your car, customize its look and walk the streets to the sounds of several Brazilian hits. The intention is to further elaborate the game to have other types of objectives and a lot of interaction.

How to play Rebaixados Elite Brasil on Android?

To play, right after downloading Rebaixados Elite Brasil, you must choose a car. There are several models available, you just need to watch an advertisement to be able to use one of them, see what they are:

  • SUV: Evoque and Mercedes;
  • pick up: Fiat Toro, Saveiro, Amarok, Range Rover, Fiat Strada;
  • premium: Ferrari, Camaro, BMW, Lamborghini;
  • sedans: Chevette, Corsa, Honda Civic, Corolla, Santana;
  • hatch: Palio, Gol g3, Fiat Uno, HB20, Beetle, Golf, Up, Celta;
  • van: van

After choosing a model, you start the game on your doorstep, with the car in the garage. Get close to the door handle to show the car entry icon. Then the pedals and the directional pad will appear on the screen, use it to steer.

An important point to mention is that the camera rotates backwards. To look higher, slide your finger down, and the opposite if you want to frame the focus further down. Then, just enjoy and find all the points marked on the map.


Check out the advantages of downloading Rebaixados Elite Brasil apk and how it can be an excellent simulator option for Android:

  • game in Portuguese;
  • offers car release through advertisements;
  • various options for resolution and effects settings;
  • simple and easy gameplay;
  • optimized controls.


See also the disadvantages of downloading Rebaixados Elite Brasil on Android and the structure problems that the game has:

  • displays ads in large numbers;
  • game still under development;
  • takes up a lot of storage space (260 MB).

我們的觀點 Rebaixados Elite Brasil

Right from the start, we need to remember that this is a development version of the game. Therefore, Sebby Games is making updates all the time, including new content and dynamics. Don't forget this when downloading Rebaixados Elite Brasil.

After all, when you open the game, the graphics are really cool and the dynamics are better than many gringo games out there. There is an ease in the controls and a good general performance (although the range to access the cars is very small and the camera rotation is kind of “hard”).

Another point that ends up bothering a lot are the ads, which appear while you play. On the other hand, it is possible to unlock some cars using advertising as a form of release, without having to pay for it.

For a game under construction, it is worth downloading Rebaixados Elite Brasil apk and following the evolution of the app. For sure soon we will see a national production with incredible and simple gameplay, full of good features.

And if you want to know other car simulators for Android, here in our catalog we have excellent options. Be sure to continue exploring the contents to see other amazing apps to enjoy hours of gameplay.