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Pocket Shrek

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Shrek está de volta de Tão Tão Distante e precisa de você!

Your favorite ogre, Shrek, spent some time at his in-law's house in Far Far Away, but now he's back to his beloved swamp. Because he's returned without Fiona, no one is looking after him, meaning you'll be in charge of him until his princess comes back. Feed him, send him to bed, and make him fart a little bit to keep him happy. Pocket Shrek is perfect for giving kids hours and hours of fun looking after the cranky Shrek and trying to scare each other. They're sure to have a great time babysitting their favorite fictional character. First, make sure you know how to feed him, put him to sleep, and make him fart. It's very similar to the classic Sims games: when one of his needs bars is close to zero, you'll have to give him what he wants or be prepared to face his rage. Get him to sleep long and well, make him fart so his stomach doesn't hurt, and help him eat a lot of bugs to stay big and strong. As you progress you'll discover new things and more rewards. You'll be able to leave the swamp and tramp through the woods with Donkey or even build furniture with Pinocchio. Find your love, Fiona, and collect frames from the movie to relive the best scenes all over again.