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Imagin Studio 1.9.9
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 6
  • Size 28.31MB
  • Update 16.12.2020
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Version 1.9.9 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 6 Atualizado em : 16.12.2020 Imagin Studio


Aplique efeitos de texto nas suas imagens
If you want to create text compositions but you can’t find a good enough tool, then check out PixelLab. This app offers you a ton of features so you can make any idea that you can possibly imagine. The great thing about PixelLab is that it lets you add all kinds of elements so you can create the composition that fits your needs. You can insert your own pictures, start from scratch with your own text, or use one of the many motivational quotes that PixelLab includes. When you start creating your image, pick the main file font; go to your gallery to add a picture or implement the chosen text and once you’ve got your base, start changing anything you need; change the location of the elements, the size, color, add more text, more pictures, improve their quality, etc. Basically, you can modify anything you need without any restrictions.


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