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        Imagix AI Private Limited 1.0.3
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 6
        • Size 20.92MB
        • Update 20.10.2020
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        Version 1.0.3 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 6 Atualizado em : 20.10.2020 Imagix AI Private Limited


        Anime e edite imagens no seu smartphone
        PixaMotion is an app that you can use to animate photos that you take or store on your Android device. Using a method that’s not too far off from other well-known apps like Enlight Pixaloop, just drag the lines to set and create the animation that you want to achieve. But animation isn't the only functionality of PixaMotion. There are also tons of filters that you can use to make your pictures more alluring. Plus, there are really awesome cropping options that let you adapt your photos to the standards of major social networks and blogs. There’s also a user-friendly section where you can create animated sequences with music. Use this basic editor with fantastic functionalities, on all of your images to create animations with unique transitions. There’s even a masking effect that expands your photo editing possibilities. PixaMotion is a tool that gives you loads of options to photoshop your pics with. Improve the quality of your pictures and make certain features catchier. Plus, add exciting animations to the backgrounds and subjects of your images.


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