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        PicsArt - Estudio

        PicsArt 16.8.53
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 14
        • Size 61.78MB
        • Update 09.04.2021
        Logo Picsart Estudio Icon

        PicsArt - Estudio

        Version 16.8.53 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 14 Atualizado em : 09.04.2021 PicsArt


        Edite e adicione mil efeitos às suas fotos
        PicsArt - Estudio is a multimedia editing tool that lets you modify your pictures in many different ways: applying masks, making collages, creating frames and edges, adding stickers, adding texts, rotating images, adjusting the colour and many more. The `magic effects' deserve a special mention which lets you apply filters very similar to the ones on Instagram. You have different options to give a final touch to the picture such as comic, neon, paper, old paper, cream, Popart 2, softened un-focusing, etc. These pictures edited on PicsArt can be shared directly on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Foursquare or Tumblr. PicsArt- Estudio is an excellent photo editing program. The perfect finish of most filters and editions that you can add to your photos are its best identity mark.


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