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Edite e adicione mil efeitos às suas fotos

Is it pretty picture you want? Then get to know PicsArt Studio

Editing photos can be a lot more fun than you might think. Create and customize your favorite images, let them be more and more beautiful. So sharing on your social networks and impressing friends can all be done using PicsArt Studio.

So if you want to know how you can use this image editor to create sensational media, stay here. We will show you how it works, and what are the best tools this app offers.

What is PicsArt Studio and how does it work?

PicsArt Studio is a very complete image editor, where you can make your edits and customizations in various ways. Thus, you only need to download and install the application to start enjoying the tools. It doesn't have layered editing, but it does have brushes and important adjustments like color, saturation, and sharpness.

However, it is worth remembering that some of the effects and functions are only available in the paid version. So, if you want to have the full experience, you will need to buy a monthly or yearly subscription. Functions in the free version are quite limited, and you may need to extend your use of the app.

See cool tools that PicsArt Studio offers

One of the coolest things about PicsArt Studio is the amount of different tools it has. Thus, there are several alternatives to create and customize your photos. To help you find out what they are, we've created some topics with the most interesting ones, see which ones are:

Insert stickers

One of PicsArt Studio's useful tools is to insert stickers into your photos. There is a wide variety of templates, and you can even include your own uploads. Also, you can fit these stickers wherever you want, including the overlay effect. Your photos will never be static again, use your creativity to innovate.

Amazing effects and unique filters

Also, you can apply many different effects and filters to your images in an easy way. There are amazing effects, such as scattering, which gives the characteristic of pixels being blown away by the wind. Furthermore, it is possible to change the color, saturation, hue and sharpness only using filters pre-configured by the application.

Change your photo background

One of the other cool features of PicsArt Studio is the possibility to change the background of your photos. Thus, you can freely select the area you want to leave unchanged. Then, you can edit the rest, placing beautiful images and backgrounds to enhance and customize your photo.

"beautify" tool

This is one of the most popular tools in image editors. However, at PicsArt Studio it goes a little further. You can change hair color, put on makeup and many other functions. Also, you can smooth expression marks and make other types of corrections to make your images just perfect.

Does it pay to download PicsArt Studio?

If you like to make your photos more beautiful and attractive, you will love the creative possibilities that PicsArt Studio has. However, the fact that it has multiple paid functions can be a deterrent for amateur publishers. But if you are a professional, it can be an excellent investment as a work tool.

That's because it's very complete and works great. However, it is relatively heavy, and may not work so well on cell phones with slower processors. So, on top of that you will also need to check the condition of your phone or tablet to see if it will run efficiently.

Also, if you need more options for image editors, here on the site they are not lacking. So, take the opportunity to read other articles about editing apps (inserir link) and get to know the best names in the market. Also, you can stay on top of our content and keep up with the latest technology and applications.