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        PicPay 10.19.102
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 31.351
        • Size 43.5 MB
        • Update 03.04.2021
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        Version 10.19.102 Free
        43.5 MB
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 31.351 Atualizado em : 03.04.2021 PicPay


        digital wallet to make your payments online or send and receive money from your family and friends with your Android

        Online payment services via cell phones have become practical ways to buy not only on the internet, but also in the real world, the analog. If you already know PayPal you will not need many presentations about PicPay, it is a digital payment service linked to your credit card or your bank account.

        The payment app that works like a social network
        If you download the APK you will find a new style different from other apps of the genre, it works as a social network. When registering, the user creates a profile, as a way to establish a payment or money transfer link between users. It has the geolocation function so that you can identify and pay any user, commercial or private, that is close to you.

        Send and receive money for private or commercial customers.

        This digital payment system guarantees a safe operation, thus allowing your economic resources linked to it to not be in danger at any time.

        Main features and functions
        Create a user profile that will be your identity on the system. From there, the rest of the people can find you to carry out the operations.
        Link your credit card to your profile if you want to pay other users.
        Receive money from other users and automatically transfer it to your bank account.
        It is a service that is very popular in Brazil, more than one million users have already downloaded the app for Android.

        我們的觀點 Picpay

        PicPay is a very interesting tool in this world where almost all the processes of our life are being modernized. Paying for things is one of them, and this application provides us with a practical means of carrying out monetary transactions with other people or establishments.

        Working as a kind of PayPal mobile, the app allows you to place credit in the system very easily, with quick response and very rare failures. With the value recognized by the system, you make transactions immediately in a simple way, making life easier for people who are not very familiar with all this modernity.

        All free
        There are also no fees for you to carry out any type of personal transaction, even when you transfer your credits to your account to use as "real" money. The minimum redemption amount is also very reasonable: if you have an amount starting at R $ 5 it is already possible to withdraw it.

        The only situation in which you pay for the PicPay service is if you own an establishment or something and you receive money commercially from the sale of products or services. Even so, the rate is low, making this platform more worthwhile than most of the famous card “machines”.


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