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        Nox Cleaner

        Nox Ltd. 3.0.9
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 27
        • Size 29.78MB
        • Update 28.03.2021
        Logo Nox Cleaner Icon

        Nox Cleaner

        Version 3.0.9 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 27 Atualizado em : 28.03.2021 Nox Ltd.


        Limpe rapidamente o seu Aparelho Android
        Keep your Android device clean and running smoothly with the app Nox Cleaner, which can empty your device's cache, end processes or check your device's memory status, all in a matter of seconds. But Nox Cleaner's main feature is the 'Memory Speedup' tool, that can empty the cache, delete unnecessary memory files, and kill background processes, all with just a tap. On top of that, this app can add a lock code to any of your devices, a useful features that keeps any unwanted users out of your apps. Not Cleaner us a very useful app, that can help keep your Android device clean and running well. Free up storage space and, hopefully, keep your device run smoothly with this app.


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