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Mouse Trap

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Thais Martiniano
Help the little mouse to escape the traps using good strategies and logical thinking by downloading Mouse Trap apk for Android, a game that will waste your neurons

Help the little mouse to escape the challenges in this puzzle

A puzzle that looks simple, but will have your hair on end looking for a solution. By downloading Mouse Trap apk you will find a sequence of several puzzles to be solved. See how the app works and where to download it to start troubleshooting scenarios.


What is Mouse Trap?

Mouse Trap is an escape-style puzzle game with multiple levels. In it, you need to help the mouse to escape the traps, moving the pieces to reach the end. But anyone who thinks it's simple is wrong: you have to use your reasoning to be able to finish each level.


How to play Mouse Trap on Android?

The dynamics of the Mouse Trap game is based on the movement of pieces across the board. Each one has a size and you need to tap and drag to the location you want. The final passage needs to be free to move the mouse to the exit.


Where to download Mouse Trap apk on Android?

Download Mouse Trap apk here on the Uoldown page in a simple and easy way. We leave a link with the app installer for you to download as soon as you want. Just click and wait until the end of the installation process to start enjoying the game.


  • good dynamics;
  • simple controls;
  • variety of challenges;
  • medium/hard gameplay;
  • free app.


  • low quality graphics;
  • ads during use.

我們的觀點 Mouse Trap

Check out what we think about the Mouse Trap app

Mouse Trap is a casual short game with puzzles to beat at each level. There are more than 30 different stages for you to face, moving the pieces on the board to reach the end of the stages.


With an interesting proposal for players, the app has an attractive puzzle-style dynamic. However, the graphics look like they weren't made for the smartphone screen, as they have poor quality and resolution and a bad visual aspect.


The controls are basic and well-optimized, in the system of tapping and dragging on the screen to be able to pass the stages. In addition, the levels are very interesting, with progressive difficulty and types of challenges within the players' ability.


Therefore, it is worth downloading Mouse Trap apk on Android and helping the little mouse to escape the traps. Take the opportunity right now to test how this game works and spend hours having fun with the levels it offers.