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Miga Town: My World

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Thais Martiniano
Crie sua própria história neste mundo
Miga Town: My World another game from the Miga Town series. Like the rest of the games in this saga, in Miga Town: My World you can explore city scenes and interact with all the items in them. Although Miga Town: My World is free to play, it costs five dollars per scene to unlock new areas. That being said, there are three free scenes: a hamburger and milkshake restaurant, clothing store, and apartment. In each one, you can tap on, move, and interact with every item. For example, in the kitchen you can take food out of the fridge, cook it in the oven, open and close all the doors, and more. The same is true of the bathroom, living room, and bedroom: you can touch, move, and interact with every single item on the screen. Not only that, but you can also interact with characters in the rooms: change their clothes, add makeup and fun hats, give them disguises, or make them hold items. Miga Town: My Word is a completely open game, without missions, scores, or a storyline. It's like a huge, colorful dollhouse full of items, where you can use your imagination and create your own story.