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Matchington Mansion

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Combine almofadas e decore uma mansão
Decorate an entire mansion in with luxurious carpets and opulent furniture in Matchington Mansion, a game similar to Homescapes or Family Zoo, just to name a couple of famous examples. In this casual game, you can arrange dozens of pieces of furniture, choose new wallpaper, change the carpet, and much more! But before you can do any of that, you’ll need to earn some stars by playing Candy Crush Saga-style puzzles. But this time, instead of swapping candies, you’ll be swapping colorful cushions. That being said, the rest of the gameplay is practically identical: you'll need to get a specific number of colorful cushions to beat each level. And as you win stars, arrange the furniture and decorate the mansion, you’ll also slowly uncover the game’s storyline. As the story unfolds you’ll meet new characters -some friends, some foes- that join the adventure and make it even more fun. Matchington Mansion is a very entertaining casual game, with great graphics, loads of different decorating options, and charismatic characters. On top of all that, you can rearrange the furniture anytime you want!