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Marvel Duel

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Um duelo de cartas, frente a frente, ambientado no Universo Marvel
Marvel Duel is a card dueling game set in the Marvel universe. You can either play alone using the adventure mode or against other online players. The first superhero (or supervillain) who manages to reduce their opponent's life points to zero wins the match. Marvel Duel's gameplay strays away from the genre's usual style, which has been highly impacted by Hearthstone for years now. In each of your turns, you can summon a character and play as many trap, team and spell cards as you want. But, keep in mind that when it comes to attacking your enemies, you only have three action points. So, choose your characters wisely. Once you've completed the Marvel Duel tutorial, which quickly explains the gameplay details, you can start playing with the different game modes. On the one hand, there's the adventure mode and the challenges, which you can play alone or against the AI. On the other hand, there's the traditional duel mode, which challenges you to fight against other online players. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting aspects of Marvel Duel is the collection of cards. In the beginning, your deck only includes a few cards, but as you continue to play and win games, you'll earn more. As you can imagine, all of your favorite Marvel characters are included. Plus, they're all spectacularly designed. Marvel Duel is an excellent card game that stands out due to the impressive visuals that submerge you into absolutely spectacular battles. The gameplay is unique, dynamic and fun, which translates into faster card duels than other similar games.


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