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lucky patcher

Cheaper Calls 8.9.3
  • License Free
  • 0
  • Downloads 196
  • Size 8.28 MB
  • Update 30.10.2020
Logo Lucky Patcher Icon

lucky patcher

Version 8.9.3 Free
8.28 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 196 Atualizado em : 30.10.2020 Cheaper Calls
8.28 MB
Access Web Access
Verified antivirus


The definitive tool for anyone who wants to get rid of paid app advertisements and crashes

Lucky Patcher comes to solve what, for many, are the biggest problems of dealing with apps today. Through this application, you gain much greater control than other programs can do on your smartphone, being able, for example, to block ads, unblock locks from paid versions and even remove software that comes standard on your OS.

Basically, just install the APK on your device to have greater control of your system as a whole. When you open Lucky Patcher, you can see a list of all the applications installed on your device, with the ability to make several changes to them. Between them:

Remove the license check from a paid app;
Disable advertisements;
Change the permissions an app has access to;
Create modified APKs for an application;
Simulate microtransactions for the purchase of items in apps;
Install special patches;
Move data from the app to the SD card.
Although all Lucky Patcher options can be viewed when opening the app, using them may require different types of processes - after all, each type of application has its own internal security. Thus, the options shown in the APK list display different colors according to what can be done by that platform; you can click here to check out a series of video tutorials detailing each type of action in different situations.

Lucky Patcher: more control for those who have root
It is important to note that, due to his proposal, Lucky Patcher asks for deep access to his system. Therefore, to be able to make all the modifications that this APK is capable of, it is necessary to root your device. The program still works partially without this being done, but options like removing license verification and advertisements cannot be made.

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