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  • Update 10.12.2020
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Kiwi VPN

Version 2.2.1 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 181 Atualizado em : 10.12.2020 Fruit VPN - Better Connect


One of the best VPN alternatives for Android

1 touch - millions of connections: With this free VPN unlimited internet app, you can enjoy surfing website or using foreign apps.

PVN kiwi - faster, smoother, more private with the following advantages:
✔️ Free VPN connection is easy, convenient
✔️ Support for multiple high-speed servers, connecting to 26 countries around the world
✔️ Free VPN: free installation and use
✔️ Change parent IP to hide current IP address
✔️ Unlimited free VPN: no session usage, no speed limit and no bandwidth when changing VPN location
✔️ Proxy VPN is fast and absolutely secure
✔️ Check the IP address. You can check the IP address you are connecting and using
✔️ Freedom to view apps and websites from anywhere in the world
✔️ Unlimited VPN proxy interface and free friendly app

In addition, KiwiVPN also includes other useful resources to improve your Internet experience:
+ Speed ​​test: test your Wi-Fi speed, check your upload and download speed.
+ WiFi protector: Our VPN ensures secure connection during IP change and protects your internet from hackers. Internet access will be more secure than ever

How to change WiFi IP on your phone
1. Install the world's best VPN app from the store
2. Open the VPN application, select the country to which you want to move cellular IP
3. One tap to unlock VPN for that country

Then you can watch movies or browse foreign websites. In addition, you can also interrupt the connection at any time. When connecting to the VPN, you can connect to servers to protect your identity and location, avoid restrictions or censorship of geographical distances.

We are constantly working to create the Kiwi VPN app with this great experience. If you have any comments for the secure VPN app, leave a comment

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