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Thais Martiniano

Race with drivers and price your trip

Have you ever thought about being able to price the trips you request through the app? This is now possible by downloading InDrive for Android. Check out how the app works and what are the advantages of using this app to make your car trips.

What is InDrive?

InDrive is a driver platform where you can hire car trips or deliveries to wherever you need. It is a new alternative to services such as Uber and 99, but with a difference: who sets the price of the trip is the passenger himself.

Do not believe? Well, you can start checking it out right now by downloading InDrive on Android. The value of the rides is stipulated at the time of request, by the passenger. Then the driver receives the notification and can accept the price you suggested. See more about how it works below.

How does InDrive work?

After downloading InDrive on Android, you need to create an account using your photo, CPF, date of birth and phone number. After that, you can start requesting your first races in one of the main modes, see what they are.

    local travel

Local travel is the traditional way to learn how to use InDrive. You put the destination where you want to go and suggest a price for the trip. Then local drivers may or may not accept the value you have given, or suggest a counter-offer.

    long distance

In the case of intercity, these are trips to another city that you can make. Thus, there is still the option to share the value (and the race) with other users to make the trip even cheaper.


In InDrive's Delivery mode, you can send packages of up to 20 kg to another location, using the same pricing system. However, there is always the possibility that the driver will not accept, according to the type of delivery you want to make.


Finally, in InDrive shipping mode, it is possible to send heavier packages, also under the same conditions. It is necessary to inform the delivery person if there are different conditions, such as dogs or objects that can be damaged on the way.

How to pay for a trip on InDrive?

To pay for a trip on inDrive, the options are a little different from traditional services. The service accepts card, cash or PIX machine, without other possibilities of values, such as credit or debit card registration.

How to download InDrive on Android?

To download InDrive apk on Android just select the download button here on the Uoldown page. It doesn't take long to install the app and in a few moments you can start creating your account and requesting trips in the app.


  • passenger freedom of choice;
  • simple and easy-to-use interface;
  • variety of travel modes;
  • easy to find races.
  • few payment methods;
  • Difficulty in matching prices.


  • few payment methods;
  • Difficulty in matching prices.

我們的觀點 inDriver

InDrive is a new platform for car travel. One of the coolest things about the app is the possibility to choose the value of the race, within reason. Thus, you are not subject to sudden or abusive price increases, as on other platforms.

Another interesting point is the ease with which orders take place and the variety of travel modes. It is possible to share a long distance with other people, send small or large packages and prices are according to the situation.

However, there is still the problem of few payment methods on the platform, without the option to register a credit card. With this, security is a little outdated, walking with money or cell phone in hand to make the PIX.

But overall the app is very good and it's worth downloading InDrive apk on Android. The platform is very complete, with good travel options and ease of finding a driver. If you need to go somewhere, you already know where to find your ticket