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Halo! Apk

ArteSophy 2.34 MB
  • License Free
  • 0
  • Downloads 140
  • Size 22.3 MB
  • Update 31.10.2020
Logo Halo Apk Icon

Halo! Apk

Version 2.34 MB Free
22.3 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 140 Atualizado em : 31.10.2020 ArteSophy


Application allows you to watch series and movies on your phone

Watching movies and series on cell phones, from applications, has become more and more frequent. Because of this, it is normal to look for options that offer reproduction quality while allowing access to a catalog that is varied, with a diversity of titles to watch series and films.

Halo! is one of the applications available. With different video formats in your collection, this is a free option that can be installed on your phone.

In APK format, Halo! requires devices with a system above 4.1. To learn more about how to use it, keep reading!

How to watch series and movies with Halo!
Because it is available in APK format, you need to take a few steps to complete the installation. The first is to download the APKPure program, which works as an app store.

To start watching series and movies, you need to download APKPure Playback / Halo To start watching series and movies, you need to download APKPure

After installing this program, you can download and install Halo! Because it is a differentiated APK format, you cannot install the program directly on your phone.

Another important point is that, depending on the device's brand, it will be necessary to change some settings in the Android developer format, which becomes available only when it is enabled.

If there is a need for this process, the application itself forwards which actions should be performed. After completing these processes, Halo! is installed and an access icon is available in the phone menu.

Halo! has a varied menu Reproduction / Halo Halo! has a varied menu

To start using the app, you don't need to log in. Access is direct to a page with title suggestions, which are based on different factors, such as the ones most watched by the community or the last ones added.

When you click on one of the available titles, an option box opens. In addition to watching series and movies through the app, it is possible to download the title to access it at another time.


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