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Thais Martiniano
Jogue vários minigames online
Hago is a collection of ten mini-games that you can play with other players online. You can challenge your friends directly, or if you prefer, challenge random opponents that are also looking to have a good time. All the games included in Hago share a number of really interesting features. They’re all competitive, they have a really simple gameplay and they all have a maximum duration of three minutes. Plus, you can play online at any time and anywhere. Among the games, you’ll find Sheep Fight which stands out because you get to use your sheep to destroy your opponent; Knife Hit, which challenges you to throw knives with precision; and Fun Link, that challenges you to link colored blocks together. They all have simple controls, so you won’t need a tutorial to learn how to play. Hago is an excellent collection of games that especially stands out because it gives you the possibility of battling online against other players around the world. You’ll always have a challenge available. If you don’t, you can always challenge a friend.