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        Google LLC 24.8.17-16 [0] [PR] 367157137
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 83
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        • Update 13.04.2021
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        Google PLAY

        Version 24.8.17-16 [0] [PR] 367157137 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 83 Atualizado em : 13.04.2021 Google LLC


        The best place to download movies, music and applications for Android

        Google Play Store is the official Google app that offers access to the entire repository of Android system apps, music, movies and books that you can buy or rent. The app represents the most practical and secure way for users of Google's system to find all the apps officially available.

        Advantages of Using Play Store
        Organizes apps into categories that allow you to find everything you want more easily.

        Applications are presented according to their release date, number of downloads and popularity,

        Track which are the main application trends.

        In addition to apps, you can rent and buy movies, which are associated with your Google account. The main releases and classic films are available for you to watch anywhere.

        In the section Play Music, you can purchase complete albums to listen to whenever you want, or just the tracks you like the most. The songs are also associated with your Google account.

        To use the Google Play Store, all you need is a Google account. The app is commonly pre-installed on most devices, on the most varied versions of Android. For paid apps, music, movies and books, you need to register a form of payment to charge. Currently, the ways to make payments are through recharge cards, Mercado Pago and through a credit card.

        我們的觀點 Google PLAY

        How to download the Play Store
        Google Play Store is the official Google application that offers access to the applications and games available for the system, in addition to offering the possibility of purchasing music, books and films. The app is practically ubiquitous on Android devices, not just the standard on some very specific devices.

        Play Store is a very intuitive app, and most likely what you are looking for in the store will be highlighted in one of the categories. A point that is criticized by the Android community, is that the curatorship is not the most selective, allowing many applications with redundant or even insecure functions to be part of the service catalog.

        Anyway, using the official app is always the safest way to download apps, since the system itself tends to be more receptive to apps from trusted sources, which is the case with the Play Store. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the application to find the game or application you want.

        Although not the most comfortable and organized experience, the Google Play Store is the official way to download your apps and games. Using the application can result in a safer use of the system, since it alone is capable of updating, managing and downloading everything you want to your Android.


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