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GBWhatsApp Rosa

GBWhatsApp 7.05
  • License Free
  • 0
  • Downloads 11.121
  • Size 27,5 MB
  • Update 04.07.2021
Logo Gbwhatsapp Rosa Icon

GBWhatsApp Rosa

Version 7.05 Free
27,5 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 11.121 Atualizado em : 04.07.2021 GBWhatsApp


Thais Martiniano
Give your messaging app a new look with GBWhatsApp!

Whatsapp has become the most effective messaging application, being used more and more throughout the world. Despite always offering interesting and necessary updates, the application still has some points that could be improved and that is exactly what the GBWhatsApp proposes.

The apk is a modification of WhatsApp itself that applies changes when installed, changing from the interface to the application tools to make it even better for the public. Are you tired of your Wpp always the same? With WhatsApp GB pink, you can say goodbye to the simple application known to everyone. We tested the pink theme on GBWhatsApp and brought all of our impressions here. Check out!

How does WhatsApp GB Rosa work?
First of all, to be able to apply the pink theme, you must have installed the GBWhatsApp version, a way to transform the messaging application into something much more dynamic. With it, it is possible to customize the interface and acquire new functions, such as viewing deleted messages and sending media in high resolution. That is, great tools that the official version does not yet have.

The pink theme is just one of the many possibilities that GBWhatsApp offers. With your new version of Whatsapp already installed, just download the apk specifically for the pink theme, allow the installation and see the interface already known by all through a completely new perspective.

Making the app pink is simple with GBWhatsApp. The user can remove it whenever necessary and change as he wishes, and can always leave WhatsApp to his face.

Enjoy the best of wpp without spending anything on it! Turn the app into something you like and have fun with the options, in addition to using tools still unheard of in the official app. Use the pink WhatsApp and see how the function of personalizing the app is a great pastime.


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