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Thais Martiniano
WhatsApp has a parallel version that can be customized, do you already know GBWhatsApp pink? See in this article all about the alternative version.

Do you already know the pink GBWhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging apps in the world, and thus it has gained several alternative versions for optimization. One of them is the pink GBWhatsApp, the app's colorful option.

So, if you are curious to know how the pink option of GBWhatsApp works, in this article we tell you all about it. Keep reading to the end to find out more!

What is Pink GBWhatsApp?

The app is the color mode version of GBWhatsApp. There are several versions available for download: yellow, blue, purple and pink. You can have your entire app layout in the color you choose. Have you ever imagined this?

In addition, it is an app that offers a lot of specific tools, which you won't find in common. For this reason, it has attracted many users due to the advantages and differences it offers compared to WhatsApp in the normal version.

How does pink GBWhatsApp work?

In general, it works exactly like normal Whats, with a few more functions. The dynamics of the application is the same, you can send messages, audios, videos, post status.

However, this is an alternative version that the developer “molds” from the app's original source code. Therefore, it is not a regulated version nor approved by the WhatsApp team, so it may have some risks when using it.

You can send messages normally, you have your contacts saved in your calendar. Also, you can send photos, videos, audios and documents with many interesting features in this app.

Is there any benefit to downloading this app?

There are a number of advantages to having this app on your phone, because it is very versatile and can be fully customized. That way, you can give your face to almost everything in the app: fonts, colors, layout. And in a very versatile and uncomplicated way.

Also, there are some very useful tools that you can use in this version and in the common one they don't exist yet. One of them is the automatic message, which works as if it were an answering machine that answers for you when you are away from WhatsApp.

Another nice perk is the ability to hide your “last seen” status from contacts you don't want them to see. That way, you don't have to deprive it for everyone, it can just be for that annoying contact you'd like to avoid.

Still, there are many other exclusive functions of the pink GBWhatsApp, and the most obvious one: it is completely pink! For those who want a cute design in the app and are tired of the usual green, this is an excellent opportunity.

The ability to send files is also much greater than in ordinary WhatsApp. You can send more photos, audios and larger videos and with a very high sending limit too.

If I download, is there any risk in installing pink GBWhatsApp?

Pink GBWhatsApp is also made on the basis of common app programming. One of the program's privacy policies is not to use parallel or unofficial versions on your device.

So, if you are caught by the WhatsApp analysis team, you may end up banned from the platform. That way, you will be unable to use the app permanently.

So, you can take the risk of using it, but you need to know that you might end up getting caught. So, it might be worth testing the app with another chip or device and see if it's really worth the risk.

What happens if I am banned from regular WhatsApp?

If you chose to take the risk and ended up banned by regular WhatsApp for breaking the privacy policy, we have a problem. You will no longer be able to use the regular version of the application.

That way, the only way you can use WhatsApp again is to buy a new number and reinstall. So your old phone will no longer be usable on a Whats account.

With this, you will lose all the information you had in your old app. That is, conversations, stickers and media files will all go away if you end up being banned from the app.

But if you are one of the most stubborn and want to try your luck, you can send an email to WhatsApp support and try to get your ban removed. However, as you were using a “pirated” version of the app, it is quite difficult to get them to reverse the decision.

If you liked our content, see other application options here on the blog. There's an app for all tastes, and you can get several to optimize your routine. Don't stay out of the latest news, and leave your comment below and we'll answer you.



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