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Extreme Car Driving Simulator

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Leve seu carro ao limite em um ambiente realista

For virtual drivers, an amazing simulator alternative by downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator. We tested the app's controls and operation and left the main pros and cons of having it on your list of favorite games, check it out.

What is Extreme Car Driving Simulator?

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a driving simulator on a 3D platform. With several objectives and different car models for you to test in different scenarios, from sports to versions for trails and off road.

The game features three basic gameplay modes where you can enjoy your games. Each of them has different goals and interactions. Check out a little more about each type and how to get started.

    traffic mode

The traffic mode is the first one, right after downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator on Android. With it, you go through the tutorial and can get to know the controls and enjoy the driving simulation.

Along the way, there are coin collection points, there are 80 in total within the scenario, which are renewed every 1 hour and 30 minutes. With the resources you can buy more car models and customize the ones in your garage.

However, to be able to collect all the coins it is necessary to rock the maneuvers, since some are in more difficult places. In addition, it is necessary to find some in hidden corners by the game's scenarios.

    Free mode

Free mode has 50 km unlock after download Extreme Car Driving Simulator for Android. This car simulator is free with no traffic and other cars to get in the way during the game.

In this version you can also collect coins, but there are no objectives of its own, as it is free to drive. It serves a lot to train maneuvers, resistance of cars and drive without having to worry about other aspects.

    control points

Checkpoints mode is unlocked with 100 km of car driving in other match styles. That's why you'll need to play a lot after downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator to enjoy the app's most robust gameplay.

After all, it's a style of game with checkpoints, where you'll need to drive around the city activating each of the points. It is the mode that gives more coins to get faster and more personalized cars.

How to play Extreme Car Driving Simulator?

After downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator, Car Simulator for Android features a starter tutorial. Through it, the platform presents the parts of the city and their characteristics:

  • airport: aircraft boarding area, in the urban part of the city;
  • off road area: rural part of the city, with mountains (specific cars are needed);
  • garage: where you can access the skins, paints, tires and car customization.

Then you can perform stunts to get more money and unlock other cars and features. In addition, the more you run with the cars, the more version and customization options you can unlock.

Check out how to download Extreme Car Driving Simulator

To download Extreme Car Driving Simulator on Android, just click on the download button at the top of the page. But always remember to allow installations from unknown sources to get the app working on your device.

    Advantages of downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Discover the advantages of downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator observed during the application's test run:

  • beautiful and well-developed graphics;
  • high immersion;
  • good proposal;
  • varied game modes;
  • low storage space;
  • good customization options;
  • variety in car options and game modes;
  • possibility to evolve without entering the pay to win style.

    Disadvantages of Downloading

Take the opportunity to also check the negative points of downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator on Android and the limitations that the app has:

  • features downloadable additional content;
  • need internet to work;
  • large amount of ads during matches;
  • high battery consumption.

我們的觀點 Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Overall, Extreme Car Driving Simulator app can be an excellent driving simulator choice for gamers. It presents good alternatives in game modes, with a good theme and well-developed graphics.

A very interesting feature is that the game is super well made, without having to weigh too much on the device. Thus, it presents an average of 100MB, varying a little to more, without losing the graphic quality or the immersion of the proposal.

However, it is also important to point out some important problems, such as the presence of many ads during matches. Thus, it can end up disrupting the experience, since the advertisements also start while playing.

Another point is that the controls are not so well optimized, making the gameplay a little difficult. It would be much simpler to leave the directional pad on the screen free, to play without having to look where the fixed buttons are. Here's a suggestion for improvement for the app.

Finally, to get to know other driving simulators for Android, just keep exploring our content here on the blog. We have several app options that can be perfect for your entertainment, just check it out and choose your favorites.