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        DU Recorder

        DU Recorder Team 2.4.4
        • License Free
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        • Downloads 86
        • Size 31.23MB
        • Update 27.01.2021
        Logo Du Recorder Icon

        DU Recorder

        Version 2.4.4 Free
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 86 Atualizado em : 27.01.2021 DU Recorder Team


        Record several moments that are on your smartphone screen with the aid of this application

        As its name implies, DU Recorder: screen recorder is an application that offers the opportunity to capture everything that is on the display of your mobile device with the simple press of a button.

        As soon as you start using the software, you'll notice that it doesn't take up much space on the screen. All you will see on it is a button on the right side that opens all the options present in the application, including the key responsible for recording.

        Du Recorder: screen recorder - Image 1 of the softwareD Recorder: screen recorder - Image 2 of the software

        Speaking of recording, it is worth mentioning that DU Recorder: screen recorder still offers some more features, such as the possibility of using the front camera to make your face appear next to what is captured and even an option to take photo of what's on the display.

        Another detail worth mentioning is that the videos can be configured to offer high quality as a result, including in this 1080p ratio, a rate of 64 frames per second and details such as some tools to edit what was obtained with the aid of the application.


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