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Dragon Ball Fighting

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Reviva a história de Goku
Dragon Ball Fighting (七龙珠正版手游 龙珠激斗) is a Tencent JRPG with the official license. In this game, you get to revisit all the situations and characters that were featured in the manganime created by Akira Toriyama. This time, you can experience Son Goku's story from the moment he arrives on Earth, living through the different stages of his adventures and even the events that happen in the more current stages such as Dragon Ball Super. Combats are semiautomatic and you can create a team that includes several members who'll get to face your rivals. Keep in mind that you can perform each characters' special skills during each battle and then you get to see the results through spectacular cutscenes and animations. The entire progression system revolves around object crafting and upgrading each character's statistics by trading new powers for the items that you'll earn in the different game modes and daily events, as it usually is with any reputable Freemium game for Android. Dragon Ball Fighting is an interesting game set in the Dragon World and the adventures of the Z-Fighters. Although the game doesn't follow the events it's based on to a T, it's is really worth your while just because of its enormous amount of characters if features and the fact that this is an official product.