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Death Book

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Thais Martiniano
Write the name of your enemies in your notebook so that they meet their end by downloading Death Book apk for Android, a sinister action game to eliminate enemies

Write down enemy names in your notebook to eliminate them all

Anyone who is a fan of the Death Note anime is certainly already familiar with this dynamic: writing down the names of the disaffected in a black notebook. Now, you can download Death Book apk on Android and eliminate one by one. Check out how the game works and where to download the app right now.


What is the Death Book app?

Death Book is an action game based on the anime Death Note, in singleplayer offline matches. With stylized 3D graphics, you'll find more than 50 levels to enjoy this gameplay until the end.


According to the plot, you need to write in your notebook the names of the people who are in the scenario. Also, participate in races and even feed hungry monsters that want to catch you.


How to play Death Book on Android?


The Death Book game features click-and-tap controls on the screen to perform functions. However, you may also have to use the keyboard and type in the names of the targets to be able to eliminate.


There are several types of different levels, each with its own objective within the game. We've separated a list with some stages that you'll have to go through to evolve when participating in this gameplay:


  • death book: write the target's name and the type of death he will have;
  • race: collect evil items to gain monstrous abilities;
  • hunger for souls: feed the monsters before they catch you;
  • Multiple targets: select targets with red name to write in notebook.
  • statue: a potato chip-style level 123 where you need to stop when the monster turns and walk when its back is turned.


Then, the levels are repeated with different content throughout the matches. To win, just follow the objectives of each stage and show all your agility to evolve and advance in the game.


  • simple controls;
  • advertising boosters;
  • easy gameplay;
  • short, quick matches.


  • number of ads;
  • lack of variety in levels;
  • requires internet connection.

我們的觀點 Death Book

See our opinion about downloading Death Book apk

The Death Book game is an action app with very short matches to enjoy on Android. It has medium quality graphics and simple controls, which make the gameplay more fluid and optimized.


The dynamics of the proposal is interesting, but with a not so good execution. It feels like playing the same game over and over again, as the levels end up repeating themselves all the time during the game.


Basically, it's the same 5 or 6 stages repeating in different ways, which makes the app tiring, even with short games. Also, it requires an internet connection, even though it has offline solo play mode.


So, if you want to know other action games for Android, here we have all sorts of different suggestions. So, take the opportunity to learn more content by exploring the catalog on the website.