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Caixa Econômica Federal 1.33.9
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 349
  • Size 7,88 MB
  • Update 11.08.2021
Logo Caixa Tem Icon


Version 1.33.9 Free
7,88 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 349 Atualizado em : 11.08.2021 Caixa Econômica Federal


Access digital savings quickly with Caixa Tem

The coronavirus crisis hit the population hard, forcing many workers to stay at home in order to preserve their health and prevent the proliferation of the virus. However, there are several cases of people who cannot do their homework and find themselves unprepared to face the quarantine period without any source of income. It was with this in mind that the government developed Emergency Aid.

Those who do not have a Caixa Econômica Federal or Banco do Brasil account must download Caixa Tem, to check the digital savings and check if the money has been deposited. The application was developed with other functions, but at the moment it is being used only for individuals to check their accounts. Check out how to use the Caixa Tem app and see if it fulfills your proposal.

How Caixa Tem works
The application is simple and allows the user to quickly check their situation in the matter of Emergency Aid. Before using Caixa Tem, however, it is necessary to register for the system to analyze whether the individual has the necessary requirements to receive the money.

If approved, just enter the application and click on the option “I am a beneficiary” and inform the CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Jurídica). If the CPF is not associated with any available account, the application itself recommends that the registration be done beforehand.


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