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Bus Simulator : Ultimate

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Thais Martiniano
Dirija uma companhia de ônibus e planos de rotas ao redor do mundo

Drive a real bus and load your passengers

Bus and travel simulators are amazing, full of features that mimic real vehicles. One of the interesting options is to download Bus Simulator Ultimate for Android. Check out over the next topics how it can elevate your gaming experience and immersion.

What is Bus Simulator Ultimate?

Bus Simulator Ultimate is a bus simulator for Android with online and offline game modes. In a 3D platform with stylized graphics and high immersion, it has several types of features for you to enjoy gameplay.

The main objective is to create your bus company to transport passengers on trips, to earn money from tickets. In this way, you can improve vehicle structures and resources, hire more employees and progress in the game.

How to Play Bus Simulator Ultimate?

To play Bus Simulator Ultimate on Android, you need to select one of the two main game modes: career or online league. So, check out a little more about how they work and how to take advantage of each of them.


In Bus Simulator Ultimate's career mode, you can create your own travel company. You must choose a name for the company and driver, before you start earning your money from travel. Here are the main functions:

  • workshop: where you can buy new buses and improve components to ensure greater comfort, speed and fuel optimization;
  • terminal: find new routes inside and outside Brazil;
  • routes: Create travel routes, set ticket prices and add food;
  • drivers: hire and manage company employees;
  • company: see company conditions, receipts and expenses.

    Multiplayer - Ultimate League

In multiplayer mode you participate in the league, competing with other real players to win prizes. Take passengers quickly and safely to beat other drivers and improve your vehicles even more.

Download Bus Simulator Ultimate

To download the Bus Simulator Ultimate apk, just download it from the Uoldown page. Here at the top you can click on the button and have the application running on your device in a few moments.


  • progress linked to the Play Store;
  • platform in Portuguese;
  • good settings options;
  • high immersion;
  • variety of challenges;
  • easy gameplay.
  • takes up a lot of space (1.2 GB);
  • difficulty progressing in the game;
  • some occasional bugs in the commands.


  • takes up a lot of space (1.2 GB);
  • difficulty progressing in the game;
  • some occasional bugs in the commands.

我們的觀點 Bus Simulator : Ultimate

Bus Simulator Ultimate game is a bus simulator where you can create your own travel company. Thus, you can take passengers on the roads and earn money in a fun and interactive way.

When testing the simulator, you can see that it has excellent features for fluid and fun gameplay. The degree of immersion is very high, with several components very similar to reality.

The coolest points are the interaction with passengers, the need to perform tasks such as opening the doors, fueling the vehicle and even taking breaks to eat. The visuals are also well done, with good dynamics.

Finally, it is worth downloading Bus Simulator Ultimate sim, as it is an interactive, fun and well-developed game. However, it takes up a good amount of space on the device, and may not work on devices with lower performance. Check the minimum requirements before downloading.