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Brawl Stars

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See how to download and play Brawl Stars: one of the best multiplayer shooter games!

After the success of online and mobile games, there were several amazing games for this type of platform. One of them, without a doubt, is Brawl Stars, which ended up conquering players around the world. So, want to know how to download Brawl Stars and start playing? Keep with us that in this article we tell you everything.

But what is Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a third-person shooter (you can't see it with your character's eyes). It has color dynamics very similar to other games like Blastout. It is also produced by Supercell, which develops games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.

On the Android platform, Brawl Stars is listed as the publishers' choice for industry games. Thus, it is considered by critics an excellent game, with great ratings and functioning. Currently, there are already more than 100 million downloads of this app, only in the Play Store app store.

What is the game about and how does it work?

When learning how to play Brawl Stars, you need to understand the game's dynamics and how it works. It has different arenas where you can play in different modes, where the objective is to kill opponents and collect the resources they leave in the game. You can choose between 27 different characters, called Brawlers.

How to play Brawl Stars?

There are different modes in which you can play Brawl Stars, with its own objectives in each one. Therefore, we separated the main ways to play, enjoying with friends or alone. Check out what they are, and choose your favorite game modes in Brawl Stars:

  • Normal: 3v3 players, limit everyone to win the match;
  • Combat: you can play alone or in pairs, limit all opponents;
  • Steal the safe: more or less like “steal the flag”, you need to get to the opposing team's safe and steal the contents;
  • Star hunting: Go killing opponents to earn stars, the
  • team with the most of them is the winner of the match.

Also, the game features special events where you can play PvP (Player versus Player) or PvE (Player versus environment). Therefore, it is important to always follow up on developer notifications, so as not to miss any events. In them you can also have more chances to win prizes and level up faster,

However, in order to win you need to choose the best strategy and the best characters. The 27 different types of Brawlers are grouped into categories: common, rare, super-rare, epic, mythical and legendary. So, the harder it is to find your favorite Brawler, the stronger it will be in the arenas.

What are the strongest Brawlers?

This may depend on what position you like to play the most. In the case of gem carriers, the important thing is to choose Brawlers that take the most damage, like Spike and Nita. But if you like to play attacker and want to go out killing general, Crow or Shelly can do the job.

Also, if you like to play star hunting and use strategy, attacking from protected locations with Piper can be great.

What are the rarest Brawlers?

If you're looking for the rarer Brawlers, the list is certainly headed by Spikey, Corvo and Leon. They are in the legendary rankings, with amazing attributes to streamline your game. Therefore, the chances of finding any of them in boxes or raffles is less than 1%.

There are more Brawlers rarity categories, such as mythical and epic, which are also pretty hard to find. They also have less than 1% chances to appear in boxes and sweepstakes. Examples of him are Mortis and Piper, who you can find this way.

So is Brawl Stars a good game?

Surely Brawl Stars is a good game to download on your mobile. In this way, it has excellent dynamics and optimized functioning. So, you can enjoy its gameplay and spend hours having fun. But it requires attention to some important points before downloading.

The first one is that the game only works for Android versions above 4.3. Also, it's a bit heavy, so it might not work well on older phones or phones with little storage. Therefore, always check the status of your device before downloading mobile games.

But if you need to, we still have more amazing game alternatives to show you here on the site. So, feel free to read other articles about mobile games and find your favorites to download. Here at Uoldown there is no lack of excellent entertainment options for you, enjoy!



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