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Aptoide Lite

Aptoide 2.0.2
  • License Free
  • 0
  • Downloads 229
  • Size 1.54MB
  • Update 11.12.2020
Logo Aptoide Lite Icon

Aptoide Lite

Version 2.0.2 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 229 Atualizado em : 11.12.2020 Aptoide


Aptoide, the best alternative to the Google Play store, now brings a new version, faster and lighter, but with the same apps and options

All users who do not download all of our apps with the official Google Play Store know Aptoide. It is a more famous and used alternative app store that, in addition to the apps available from the Play Store, includes other developments that Google rejects for legal reasons such as versions of games with mods, apps for downloading videos from YouTube or even free downloads of apps that they are usually paid.

Now, Aptoide presents a new official version of its lighter application, which reduces the 20 megabytes that the original version occupies to a tenth, to 2 MB. In addition to the difference in weight of the application and some differences that we will talk about later, the Aptoide 'lite' store brings exactly the same application catalog and has the same characteristics as the original.

A much lighter version of the Aptoide store, but with the same downloadable apps.

Main features of the Lite version of Aptoide
The following options in the app show that both versions have the same benefits and the same content:

App store with millions of APKs that the user can download directly on their smartphone or tablet.
Integrates a search engine to search for apps manually.
Includes originally paid apps with free download like hits from Rockstar Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, among hundreds of others.
It includes thousands of applications that are only available in the Aptoide catalog.
The store displays lists of popular apps, the latest added, featured or recommended by Aptoide editors.
It allows you to check if you have the latest versions of apps installed on the Updates tab and automatically install those that are not up to date.
The Stores tab allows you to add application repositories created by third parties.
Differences between Aptoide and Aptoide Lite
As we said at the beginning, the main difference between both applications is that the light version occupies less than 2 MB. However, although, the catalog of applications that we can download is exactly the same, with the functions and lists of the Store, it has some modifications that allow this difference in memory necessary for its installation.

The biggest highlight is its interface. The original Store of Aptoide has a much more neat design with its characteristic orange tone, with images and videos of the highest quality apps, much more complete download files regarding information, more visuals and download and transition animations. On the contrary, Aptoide Lite stands out more for the blue tone, and is simpler, but with the same content as the 100% store.

With all this, this lightweight version of Aptoide is perfect if you have an Android device that has seen better weather, that does not need much help to deal with the most complex graphics and with the greatest possible memory savings.


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