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Among Us

InnerSloth LLC 2021.6.30
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 1.656
  • Size 125.45MB
  • Update 07.07.2021
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Among Us

Version 2021.6.30 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 1.656 Atualizado em : 07.07.2021 InnerSloth LLC


Find the impostor ... before it

Among Us is a casual online game in which between 4 and 10 players cooperate in a ship in order to fulfill the objectives of the missions, but count on the presence of imposters who murder the crew and sabotage the objectives. Your objective, like that of the other players, is to find out who the saboteur is or to complete the objectives proposed to the group.

In each of the matches, the host defines the criteria for creating the group, defining a maximum number of imposters per match. When starting the game, the game presents the objectives to be fulfilled as: file downloads, maintenance of the ship and interaction with other devices. Players must still observe the behavior of their teammates and report any strange movements to the group.

The imposter on Among Us
As the impostor, you must sabotage the team's tasks and when the opportunity arises, you must eliminate the other players. But it is important to be careful when attacking another player, because when committing a murder, the victim stays in the place where he was attacked, serving as evidence for the other players to try to find the impostor.

Unlike other players, the saboteur has some advantages in his movement, allowing the imposter player to enter secret passages and move more quickly through the ship. Using this mechanic as an advantage can make it difficult to capture.


To play, you can use external controls paired with your Android device or use the on-screen movement commands. On the left side of the Among Us display it offers movement control and on the right side the interaction buttons.

To play the game you need an internet connection, and to play with your friends, you need to be a match host. When starting Among Us, the game must be in English, but just go to the settings menu to make the change. The game has crossplay capability with PC and iOS.

Download Among Us
For an even more fun experience with the game, it is interesting that you try to play with your friends, since the dynamics of discussion to find impostors becomes even more fun when it is possible to have contact with other players. Crossplay, in turn, makes finding who to play with even easier.

Among Us is a fun and simple game to play, it is not by chance that it has been so successful on streaming platforms and certainly worth it, after all, it is free.


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